Dreams Can Come True

My journey stated long ago in Neva, Colombia. I was sent out to work on the streets at the age of 8, so my formal education was limited. I sold potatoes and lottery tickets. I went to school whenever possible, but more often I learned on my own.

Years later I made it to America. I didn’t speak English and my funds were few. But I knew how to work. I cut hair in Boston and then eventually Fort Lauderdale. While working seven years at Regis Hair Salon, I studied and earned my diploma. I became a U.S. Citizen. I then studied massage therapy and became a licensed massage therapist.

I met the right guy and we got married. While my formal education was limited, My partner had earned the best possible education. He earned his B.A. and an M.S. at Stanford University. And then his M.B.A. at Harvard University . And before you think it, he wasn’t a legacy with his education served on a silver platter. His father was an auto mechanic. He was the first in his family to go to college. And he worked hard for it.

Early on, Robert, emphasized the importance of education and work. He said, “I won’t buy you things. I will invest in education. But never take it for granted. Work hard and be the best at what you do.”

It always seemed I had an intuitive gift for helping people, but I wanted the knowledge to advance these gifts. I took many classes on massage therapies and techniques. I started practicing Yoga and studied the Iyengar system of Yoga. I studied more and became an Iyengar Yoga Instructor.

My dream was to have my own Yoga and Massage Therapy Studio. But I had to continue studying and working to make it happen. I worked as a Massage Therapist and also as a Yoga Instructor. My studies led me to Elise Miller, who is a leader in the field of Yoga for Scoliosis. I was fortunate to have Elise as my teacher and mentor. I became a specialist in Yoga for Scoliosis.

A year ago, last Spring, Robert was in Paris and I was working in Miami. Although far, we always spoke frequently. Robert felt we were starting to grow apart, and it wasn’t what we wanted, so it was time for us to make some radical changes together. After meditating on Steve Jobs’ 2006 Commencement Speech at Stanford University, we decided we would let go of the things and properties we owned, and travel the world to re-discover ourselves. Steve’s advice to “find what you really love to do”, resonated with us. “True success requires very hard work. It’s really only possible is you love what you are doing.” I already know what I loved to do and wanted to do. But Robert needed to find what would motivate him thru the rest of life. And we needed to figure how, what it is that we could do together.

We called it, Travel Different. For Six months we traveled to different places. In each place we tried new things, took classes, provided service, and worked. For me, work and service was usually centered on helping people with Scoliosis. Robert reached out to volunteer. Sometimes he coached small business owners, sometimes he worked as a photographer. We both took classes and engaged in a wide variety of learning experiences. We studied together on long very rides. We had great times together. It was the journey of our life.

We considered many places to live. Each provided certain advantages and opportunities. Each had red flags and risks. Evaluating these opportunities and their associated risks was for me, an incredible education.

The journey, at times was exhausting. I wanted to give up at times and just settle for something. Robert would say, “let’s trust the process.”

And eventually, in late October, we visited Mallorca.

We will share more about the journey and much more about Mallorca in future posts.

But, it is now Spring. The Vernal Equinox has just past. Mallorca is in full blossom. The day are sunny and beautiful, and I am teaching Yoga each and everyday at our new Rayo de la Vida Yoga Studio and Wellness Center.

It is my life dream come true. And I hope our friends and followers, all take part in this dream.

Please visit our Web Site, Explore Mallorca with us, and when the time is right, come visit.

Rayo de la Vida S.L. Fornalutx
Fornalutx, Mallorca
Tramuntana Yoga Center at Rayo de la Vida
Tramuntana Yoga Center at Rayo de la Vida
inside the Tramuntana Yoga and Wellness Center at Rayo de la Vida, Mallorca

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