The Triangle Pose / Utthita Trikonasana

Trikonasana strengthens the legs, hips and arms and build strength in the core of the body. It stretches and aligns the spines as it elongates the sides of the body.

For people with Scoliosis, the Triangle Pose is beneficial for all four curve patterns, and it also de-roates the spine.

Since Scoliosis is a lateral curve off the spine, lateral bends help to lessen the curvature when practiced correctly.

As needed you may use props such as mat, wall, block, chair or rope wall to hold the pose. Ideally you should hold the pose for 90 seconds each side.

Triangle Pose Against the Wall (Front)

Triangle Pose Against the Wall (Back)

Credit: Yoga For Scoliosis, A Path for Students and Teachers by Elize Browning Miller and Nancy DL Heraty

Traveling to Porto and Lisbon

Through the month of June I will be in Porto and Lisbon, Portugal.    While visiting these cities, I am reaching out to assist people with Scoliosis.    If you have scoliosis and would like to learn some Yoga for Scoliosis to alleviate pain, improve flexibility, and begin to improve the curvature of your spine, please reach out to me at:


Durante o mês de junho estarei no Porto e em Lisboa, Portugal. Ao visitar essas cidades, estou chegando para ajudar as pessoas com escoliose. Se você tem escoliose e gostaria de aprender um pouco de Yoga para escoliose para aliviar a dor, melhorar a flexibilidade e começar a melhorar a curvatura da sua coluna, por favor, entre em contato comi o:

In July I will be in Madrid and Gran Canaria.   Again if you have Scoliosis and would like to meet for a free consultation, please email me at:


Durante el mes de julio estaré en Madrid, Sitges y Gran Canaria. Mientras visito estas ciudades, me acerco para ayudar a las personas con escoliosis. Si tiene escoliosis y desea aprender yoga para la escoliosis para aliviar el dolor, mejorar la flexibilidad y comenzar a mejorar la curvatura de la columna vertebral, comuníquese conmigo a:





Yoga for Scoliosis

Last week I submitted my Thesis on Yoga for Scoliosis.  During the past year I had been working with clients whose bodies and lives have been severely impacted by Scoliosis. Under the guidance of my teacher, Elise Miller, I have been teaching my clients specific yoga poses and yoga sequences to help alleviate their specific types of scoliosis. Each client has testified to some improvement in their spinal curvature while also realizing strong reductions of Pain and great enhancements in overall flexibility. One client, who had debilitating migraines for years, says she no longer has migraines.  With continued practice the clients should soon realize greater improvements in their overall scoliosis condition. I will now be reaching out for additional clients who are suffering from scoliosis.

The Completion of my Scoliosis Thesis