@Rayo de la Vida

@Rayo de la Vida is a community-center intended to bring people together for classes, programs, exhibitions and activities related to Active Health + Wellness, Art + Inspiration, and Self-Actualization.
Take classes and do therapies related to their personal health and well-being such as Iyengar Yoga + Thai Massage + Yoga for Scoliosis
Explore Creativity through Art Exhibitions, Workshops and Lectures
Participate in Meet-ups, Discussion Groups, Workshops and Coaching for Personal Growth, Wellness, Smart Decision Making, Career Success, Networking, Building New Businesses and Affirmative Self-Actualization
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Helping People through Yoga + Massage

These past four months as we traveled through Europe on our “TravelDifferent” journey, Alfonso reached out and met with many people with scoliosis as well as their families and friends..  He helped people to begin a daily practice of yoga to manage the effects of scoliosis and to gain some positive control over their bodies.   This on-going effort to engage and help people around the world with scoliosis is now the focus on Alfonso’s practice and the subject of this newly re-designed web site and blog: TreatmentsforScoliosis.com… Read More Helping People through Yoga + Massage