The Triangle Pose / Utthita Trikonasana

Trikonasana strengthens the legs, hips and arms and build strength in the core of the body. It stretches and aligns the spines as it elongates the sides of the body.

For people with Scoliosis, the Triangle Pose is beneficial for all four curve patterns, and it also de-roates the spine.

Since Scoliosis is a lateral curve off the spine, lateral bends help to lessen the curvature when practiced correctly.

As needed you may use props such as mat, wall, block, chair or rope wall to hold the pose. Ideally you should hold the pose for 90 seconds each side.

Triangle Pose Against the Wall (Front)

Triangle Pose Against the Wall (Back)

Credit: Yoga For Scoliosis, A Path for Students and Teachers by Elize Browning Miller and Nancy DL Heraty

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