Travel with Us

Travel with Us

Follow our journey as we explore, work, teach, help others and learn in our travels around the world. And hopefully you can join us next year when I will be leading Yoga retreats in some very beautiful and inspirational locations.

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Iyengar Yoga: Group Teaching Schedule

Synergy Center For Yoga and Wellness
844 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

90 Minute Classes

Mondays 5:30 pm
Wednesdays 5:30 pm
Saturday 11:30 am

Miami Beach Iyengar Yoga Center
1218 Normandy Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33141

90 Minute Classes

Mondays 10 am
Wednesdays 10 am

Yoga That

763 W. 41st Street, Miami Beach, FL 33140

90 minute Class

Fridays 11:30 am